My love of Ireland and its history as the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem portrayed it through song is the reason why the Cogan Brothers came to be. The ballads as only they could perform must be carried on from generation to generation. I will carry on this proud tradition in the drinking songs, rebel songs, and tales of the sea. A toast, blessing, poetry, or maybe a little blarney! The haunting sound of the bodhran may be heard if you listen closely!

About Us

“A Pint of Song”

“The Cogan Brothers”

Gregg Cogan, guitar and vocals

 When I was very young, I had an old plastic guitar that I would play one string and a few notes and called it a song.  My grandfather called me the "One Fingered Wonder"!  That was my start.  I continued to progress over time and eventually could play all the strings and a real song as a result.  I never could read music and still can't to this day, but I still learned songs and loved to sing as well.

Steve Simms— Accordion

Steve has been playing in bands all of his life.

His father, Johnny Simms, was very highly regarded and famous in the Polka World for a Radio Show. Steve enjoys hunting and fishing in his free time. He is known for his outgoing personality.

Sean Cogan: Bass & Vocals

Irish Ballad Band

Ken Cogan: Bodhran & Vocals

Sean has been playing in bands since the age of 13. He graduated in 2009 with his BS in Music Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and currently works as a music teacher at Everett High School in Somerset County. He teaches students grades 7 through 12.
Sean's interest in the Celtic tradition was sparked by his father and uncle and he is proud to carry on this tradition through song and story. He recently produced the band's latest cd album, "A Pint of Song" which can be purchased at

In addition to The Cogan Brothers, Sean also plays with variety band 'Majority Rules' as well as serving as a freelance vocalist, pianist and conductor throughout the area.

I have played in a couple of country rock bands while going through college and eventually got away from playing much at all.  I encouraged my son, Sean, at a very young age to learn to play instruments and read music as well. 

He is now my teacher when it comes to learning the Irish music we perform at the present time.
To have a family Irish Band that permits us to bond together and share our heritage as well as reach out to others whom share the Irish Traditions as well is a true blessing.  It is quite the experience to entertain the Irish and the Irish to reciprocate as well, (if you know what I mean!).  A lot of laughs, neat pubs, and of course, Irish food, have made our performances memorable.  If you think the Irish do not fight, come to one of our practices!  Just kidding!  We don't always get it right, and that's why the Irish drink too!  We welcome you to join us in a "Pint of Song" anytime your feeling a thirst for some good music.  Slainte